I created this collection around the dotty watercolor print that I created which has become something of a signature print for me. The large scale floral is new (put into repeat just today!) and was originally painted on 18”x24” watercolor paper. Both of these main prints remind me of the joy I feel when creating and throwing paint around. A feeling of freedom that feels the most like “me.”


Watercolor Sketch

I am keen on painterly brushstrokes and I love to explore spontaneous mark-making. I started this collection with a loose floral, sketched in watercolor brushstrokes. I kept the same color palette when I moved on to making intuitive marks on the canvas and letting one brushstroke or shape inform the next. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jacqueline Maldonado collection without some texture and technique juxtaposition.


Purple Saturday

My grandmother visits me in butterflies. It’s always a sign of reassurance for me, always at the most opportune times. Purple was her favorite color and I think I often channel her through my work.

A collection of feminine prints, channeling the maternal.

A collection of feminine prints, channeling the maternal.