I created this collection around the dotty watercolor print that I created which has become something of a signature print for me. The large scale floral is new (put into repeat just today!) and was originally painted on 18”x24” watercolor paper. Both of these main prints remind me of the joy I feel when creating and throwing paint around. A feeling of freedom that feels the most like “me.”



This collection of prints were created in a single day. I allowed myself to play: with motifs, with style and with my tools. I am ever expanding my toolbox and each of these patterns were created entirely in Procreate, a program very new to me. I tried (and failed sometimes too) to create in this new format while staying true to my vision, all in the spirit of play.



A fun tropical collection with a palette of contrasting vibrant brights and pastel hues. As alway,s an eclectic mix of my styles and techniques.